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About us

Let us introduce ourselves. We started our adventure in turism around 20 years ago... it was love at first sight! We love our territory, good wine and good food. For us keep on searching new experience is a mission in life, before than in business. In the last 20 years, we learnt a lot about our territory, about people and about tourism in Italy.

With our staff, we are working to share with our guests this precious package.

So, let us take care of you in the best way we know.

About us: Speciali


Davide is our CEO.
Without him, Easylake wouldn't exist.
He is the soul of Easylake.
Easylake is like a family. All of us has a precise role in the company, but we are also sharing new ideas together and  
he is the "directory".
He keeps all our power concentrate in one single line, so that all together we can create something amazing.
This is our real power.



Raffaella is the responsable of our DMC department.
She is the expert in VIP treatments.
If you are planning a luxury vacation she will organize every single details of your trip to ensure 100% satisfaction.



Fiorella is the responsable of the organized group department.
She is in charge of supervising the operation of your holiday
to ensure that all the services
will run according to the program.



Gianluca represent our FIT department.

He is the one that will make sure that all the services referred to individual reservations, will be booked exactly as you planned them.



Michela is the face of our account department.
Behind the lines, she is the one who is checking that all the numbers match.

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